Sylvie’s Surreal Sleepscape

Sylvie Greendale . end pages

1st illustration for Storyteller Academy class, “Creating Atmosphere”, with Illustrator, Isabella Kung.

This is a surreal sleepscape for all the Sylvie Greendale book end pages. The night scene (inspired by Marc Chagall’s blue paintings) would be the same for each book, but the DREAM DOODLES would change, depicting jumbled info Sylvie learned that day which her subconscious is processing while asleep.


Caribbean Aesthetic

DR journal
A Few of My Favourite Things | Caribbean Edition . Maryann Wohlwend, Summer 2018 . stripeySUNhat

DR collage
Ocean Blue & Sand Family Summer Vacation 2018 . photo collage . Maryann Wohlwend . iphone6

DR courtyard
Ocean Blue & Sand . Building 4 . interior courtyard LOVE .

DR architecture
cornflower blue LOVE . architecture . Dominican Republic

DR book
mojito + palm trees + book = LOVE . Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

DR coconut
fresh COCONUTS .

DR ocean
Bavaro Beach . Dominican Republic

DR hibachi
Hibachi at Sensai with my treasures . oh, and did i mention yet that i have a thing for palm trees? palm tree dress . palm tree shoes . surrounded by palm trees …

DR lantern
good night, Building 4 & your fabulous architecture .

DR night
good night, Moon …over Ocean Blue & Sand . Dominican Republic . Family Summer Vacation 2018


sketching at The Shoe. THE Ohio State University. Football Camp. 2017

it is incomprehensible to see my son kicking on this holy ground. The Shoe. Special Teams / Kicking. The Ohio State University Buckeyes Football Camp. June 2017



Colonial Williamsburg & Converse

18thC Lady’s Dress. using those Kent State Fashion Design school pattern-making skills. Maryann Wohlwend. 2017.

18thC handmade silk bag. adding freshwater pearls. Maryann Wohlwend. 2017

urban sketching in the 18thC. Colonial Williamsburg. Governor’s Palace Gardens. photo credit: Sophia Wohlwend. 2017

sketching the Governor’s Palace. Colonial Williamsburg. Maryann Wohlwend. 2017

back to the future. Colonial Williamsburg & Converse

costumed in Colonial Williamsburg & in character as a mother & daughter visiting Virginia from the Ohio Frontier. 1787 meets 2017

sketching in the Colonial Williamsburg Community Gardens. Maryann Wohlwend. 2017