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So, giving homework is a major part of the I AM Powered study. For I AM Cherished, we are meditating on the theme page scriptures each day, memorizing a verse, watching One Night with The King, and making a date with Christ (to develop a deeper intimacy with The Bridegroom, vertically, so as to remember & rekindle better earthly relationships.) Today, I planned to share my morning Grande Americano with Christ at the Starbucks in Chagrin Falls, while researching Song of Solomon.. .rough start to the day & I really wanted to postpone until I felt like a strong woman. But, when we think & do what is right, right feelings are to follow, not determine our steps. Off I went, though, 3 hours later than planned. ..providentially, right on His schedule, for during the exact time of my drive from home to cafe was a radio message on Song of Solomon. Peace, like a river, caressed & carried me along. I felt cherished.

Stepped into my favourite place, in my favourite little town in northeast Ohio, & my favourite seat next to the window filled with streaming sunlight overlooking the waterfall was immediately vacated as if that patron was a place holder until I arrived. I felt cherished.

Writer’s block. ..and a frozen waterfall is the perfect metaphor for writer’s block.

then, WOW! Powerhouse breakthrough! Thank you for sermon #388, Joseph Prince!! Delivered from discouragement as a person, parent, & professional by the perspective in this 1 message on Christ’s fervent passion for His Bride. “COME WITH ME” (Song of Songs). He whispered through my spirit, “Remember when I whispered this phrase to you a few weeks ago? I knew you would have these moments of doubt & disappointment. I knew you would make time to really listen to Me today.” He woos us away from the slippery slope like a wise parent who peacefully attracts her little son away from the street by offering something he likes and would be drawn to!! He doesn’t shout, “No! Don’t go there!” because we would naturally look toward the danger, slip, and fall away. By keeping our focus on Christ, we are saved & strengthened.. .and able to walk on water as Peter did. ..even more miraculously when it is not frozen over by a foot of ice & snow!!

I AM Cherished


50 Shades of Light

Christ & The Church
Christ & The Church

I AM Cherished, our theme for this month, encourages women to know that their true beauty, worth, & value is defined by a personal relationship with Christ. In Song of Songs/Solomon, we learn the thrill of true love and intimacy in this book of erotic Persian-style love poetry between King Solomon &  Queen Sheba. This often overlooked book of the Bible is a metaphor of the dynamic, worshipful relationship between Christ, the Bridegroom & the Church, His Bride.
Do you have a personal relationship with Christ? Has your spiritual life been pacified like a perpetual babe by pampered teaching? Are you ready to be transformed into a WOMAN of excellence in spiritual maturity? One of the homework assignments for our I AM Powered 2nd Tuesday Study is to read & meditate on the book of Song of Songs/Solomon throughout this month and practice a pure marital relationship by scheduling private time to delight in Christ. How would you prepare for a date with your Bridegroom? Spa treatments & fine jewelry? Where would you invite Him to go with you? Chinese takeout & your favourite movie (when the kids are tucked in for the night) or morning coffee with a spectacular view? When we practice intimacy with Christ, it not only deepens our relationship & develops our spiritual maturity, but it also empowers us to lavish our earthly husbands with the same level of preparation and 121 presence!!

Husband & Wife
Husband & Wife

For me, it took a mission trip halfway around the globe to learn this lesson! But then again, as Christ knows each of us intimately already- the very hairs on our head is
counted (He knows about this new silvery streak I just  discovered gracing my
left temple)-and He knows that I have always been a romantic who is dazzled by the exotic. So there I was, surrounded by glittering, colorful Indian saris with the scent of night blooming jasmine in the air, in a country where I was isolated from others by the language divide, and Christ wooed me. As I traveled with a driver and translator to remote rural villages in southeast India, listening to women’s stories, blessing & encouraging them, it was as if by day my bridegroom and I were doing our Father’s family business. But at night, while palm trees swayed under swinging monkeys and mosquitoes ruled their humid domain, I was on a honeymoon with Christ. His Word, by candlelight in this faraway land, was a life
transforming getaway! I would return home to start my walk of ministry-through spiritual maturity-and the birth of our union there, Lydia’s Purse International, conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Maryann & women at worship in southeast India
Maryann & women at worship in southeast India

Yes, true intimacy can be pure & even holy, for holy means “set apart”. We are living in this world, but we are not to be of this world. As women of The Word, are you still being fattened by the milk of nursemaids or are you standing strong on the meat of spiritual maturity, confident in your position as a Queen of The Kingdom & empowered to do the work of a helpmeet to the King of Kings?