Creme de la Creme

Salted Caramel Macaron with Gold
Salted Caramel Macaron with Gold

Over french roast (with a splash of cream & a whole lot of sugar), I shared with my bestie, “The Creme de la Creme is when you rise to the top of your circumstances (though they have not and may not ever change before our hair turns completely grey) by extending mercy to thoseespecially those– who do not deserve it & top it off with a whole lot of grace.”

Besties are blessed to share the best & the worst with each other, especially in the days when our ‘for better or worse’ circumstances seem like they can not get any worse. Of course, I should not be surprised at the attacks attempted at dragging me down the mountain when a new lesson is at hand. Then again, I am continually amazed at the perspective of The Great I AM, which is all together opposite my view from the bottom of a seemingly eternal crevasse. ..when He announces that I am being led to the next level, scaling the summit of Mt Everest. the tip of the top we go!

cream: the thick part of milk that rises to the top. the part of the milk that contains fat. :a food that is made with cream. :a very thick liquid or soft substance that is rubbed into the skin to make it soften or is used as a medicine for the skin. ORIGIN: Welsh, cramen :scab or crust.

As a wordNERD I run to the dictionary, as a WORDnerd, I distill those words through the sieve of Scripture & The Spirit’s counsel. ..How are hardened hearts softened? What medicine can heal a whole life? What breaks through my hardened heart while wallowing in self-pity & self-preservation at the base of the cliff? It is that thrilling movie moment when the underdog becomes the hero with a determined thought that determines the triumph! Isn’t it funny how we reference the ‘worst of the worst’ as the valley, but in grammatical terms, that scene is referred to as the climax? That turning point is when we, IN our deepest pain & weakness, extend MERCY & GRACE to the one who pushed us over the edge. At that very moment, the crushing weight of rock & ice releases and we soar as a phoenix! He gives us a crown of beauty for ashes. In a single bound, we can even lift the lilting Lois in her downward spiral within this epic tale of life on earth!!

So, go ahead, mercifully forgive your brother (or sister) from the heart & bake that [pardon my French], jerk, his favourite treat with the finest of ingredients & celebrate Tuesday. ..just because. because of mercy & grace. Yours is the heart that will be thickened and rise to the top. Yours is the whole life that will be fattened-flavoured & filled-with the anointing oil of The Spirit of The Great I AM. Your love for the brother (or sister) who pushed you will be a healing balm that covers over a multitude of sins & promotes peace.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1Peter 4:8-10

Creme de la Creme: THE VERY BEST. Synonyms: A-list, aristocracy [co-heirs with Christ] (Romans 8:17), best, choice (1Peter2:9-10), cream, elite, elect (2Timothy2:8-13), fat, flower, illuminati, pick, pink, pride, [a royal] priesthood (1Peter2:9), prime, royalty, upper crust.

I AM Loved therefore, I AM Love.


Come with Me | I AM Cherished

So, giving homework is a major part of the I AM Powered study. For I AM Cherished, we are meditating on the theme page scriptures each day, memorizing a verse, watching One Night with The King, and making a date with Christ (to develop a deeper intimacy with The Bridegroom, vertically, so as to remember & rekindle better earthly relationships.) Today, I planned to share my morning Grande Americano with Christ at the Starbucks in Chagrin Falls, while researching Song of Solomon.. .rough start to the day & I really wanted to postpone until I felt like a strong woman. But, when we think & do what is right, right feelings are to follow, not determine our steps. Off I went, though, 3 hours later than planned. ..providentially, right on His schedule, for during the exact time of my drive from home to cafe was a radio message on Song of Solomon. Peace, like a river, caressed & carried me along. I felt cherished.

Stepped into my favourite place, in my favourite little town in northeast Ohio, & my favourite seat next to the window filled with streaming sunlight overlooking the waterfall was immediately vacated as if that patron was a place holder until I arrived. I felt cherished.

Writer’s block. ..and a frozen waterfall is the perfect metaphor for writer’s block.

then, WOW! Powerhouse breakthrough! Thank you for sermon #388, Joseph Prince!! Delivered from discouragement as a person, parent, & professional by the perspective in this 1 message on Christ’s fervent passion for His Bride. “COME WITH ME” (Song of Songs). He whispered through my spirit, “Remember when I whispered this phrase to you a few weeks ago? I knew you would have these moments of doubt & disappointment. I knew you would make time to really listen to Me today.” He woos us away from the slippery slope like a wise parent who peacefully attracts her little son away from the street by offering something he likes and would be drawn to!! He doesn’t shout, “No! Don’t go there!” because we would naturally look toward the danger, slip, and fall away. By keeping our focus on Christ, we are saved & strengthened.. .and able to walk on water as Peter did. ..even more miraculously when it is not frozen over by a foot of ice & snow!!

I AM Cherished