Happy National Picture Book Day 📚 April 2nd


Sylvie’s Surreal Sleepscape

Sylvie Greendale . end pages

1st illustration for Storyteller Academy class, “Creating Atmosphere”, with Illustrator, Isabella Kung.

This is a surreal sleepscape for all the Sylvie Greendale book end pages. The night scene (inspired by Marc Chagall’s blue paintings) would be the same for each book, but the DREAM DOODLES would change, depicting jumbled info Sylvie learned that day which her subconscious is processing while asleep.

perfectionism & publishing

“Is Your Brain in Bed, Sleepyhead?” REVISED illustrations by Maryann Wohlwend

after completing all the illustrations on my 1st picture book job, the little perfectionist inside took 1 look and said, “NOPE!” …another pad of Bristol board, pile of silver markers, week of power sketching with a flow of French-pressed Italian Roast, & probably another prescription on my reading glasses later, the book is almost ready to publish!


brainE book series 🧠

A Brain Break Activity Book Using Pediatric Physical Therapy

by Lindsay See Watson PT, MPT

Suite Sophia

a window seat in Sophia’s suite. oh, to live in a library . handmade pillows & bunting . Maryann Wohlwend . 2016

My perfect day includes a warm puppy & a good book.” -Sophia Wohlwend

bunting for a budding Anglophile, based on British literary works she has read & performed. 

she is a writer. drawing in her hobby. sketches & manga drawing, Sophia Wohlwend. 2015.

the Shire map. skirt handmade & illustrated by Maryann Wohlwend . 2016

i LOVE my kids!

school away from home

Legacy Classical Academy | established 2018 . a Classical Education charter High School for my daughter. Logo Illustration. Maryann Wohlwend. 2018. she requested atropa belladonna

ready to read an excerpt from chapter one of her 1st novel, Welcome to Greenflower | Novel Writing Institute. The Writing House is the only building dedicated to teen writing in the US. Interlochen Center for the Arts. June 2018



Interlochen Arts Academy | established 1928. until then…  boarding school future graduate.

making FACES

Make Art That Sells is a unique resource for artists who are passionate about what they do and determined to make a living out of their art while staying true to their style.

i loved this online course through MATS : Lilla’s Art Recipes

i visited The Cleveland Museum of Art for the Style Mashup Recipe assignment

making FACES

faces from The Cleveland Museum of Art. charcoal & coloured pencil. Maryann Wohlwend. 2018

OVERHAND GRIP!  FineArt Students


rock star teacher

how do you properly acknowledge & thank your daughter’s 6thG teacher? Mr. Fisher is a rock star! poster illustration . Maryann Wohlwend. 2015.

bleached flares & a red electric guitar… like the one he rocks! tshirt design FRONT. Maryann Wohlwend. 2015.

a world tour of amazing 6thG students. tshirt design BACK. Maryann Wohlwend. 2015.