Renaissance Man

Ethan the Inventor . inventing GunBot. a room fit for a da Vinci . chalkboard walls with designs 2016

“It worked! Finally! one of my inventions works!” -Ethan Wohlwend

Suite Sophia

a window seat in Sophia’s suite. oh, to live in a library . handmade pillows & bunting . Maryann Wohlwend . 2016

My perfect day includes a warm puppy & a good book.” -Sophia Wohlwend

bunting for a budding Anglophile, based on British literary works she has read & performed. 
she is a writer. drawing in her hobby. sketches & manga drawing, Sophia Wohlwend. 2015.
the Shire map. skirt handmade & illustrated by Maryann Wohlwend . 2016

i LOVE my kids!