International Women’s Day 2021

Happy International Women’s Day 2021
Celebrating the AMAZING, Beatrix Potter!
Not only was B a gifted watercolourist & author of beloved classic children’s books, did you know she was an accomplished naturalist during the Victorian Era? Curious about how FUNGI reproduced, she created microscopic drawings & submitted her research 🔬 which was rebuffed by the Director of The Kew because of her sex and amateur status & withdrawn from The Linnean Society in 1897…
💯 years later, in 1997 The Linnean Society rediscovered her work and issued a posthumous apology to Potter for the sexism displayed in its handling of her research. 🙌🏻

🍄 FUNGI just may be the topic of Sylvie Greendale BOOK 3….


Keeping Up With the Victorians


Kate Greenaway’s Book of Games collection . sculpting scenes for the shadowboxes 


Beatrix Potter Storytime BUNTING . 

Jessie Wilcox Smith illustrates a Robert Louis Stevenson poem, Foreign Lands which has been captured in this shadowbox by Maryann Sylvia Wohlwend. 2015


Keeping Up With the Victorians Gallery Show at Hudson Library & Historical Society .           Spring 2016