CONNECT with Maryann one 2 one within a roomful of women, as if you are having coffee with a close friend.

“Maryann is a cheerleader, with the gift of encouragement. She is passionate & a high energy, out of the box thinker. Maryann has been unyielding to the race that God has set before her & shares her endurance, through every kind of adversity, with everyone she meets.”  ~JulieLewandowski, close friend & mentor

1 Session | Bible Study TOPICS :


I AM Cherished

I AM Forgiving

I AM Love

I AM Wise

I AM Safe

I AM Free

I AM Praying

I AM Healed

I AM Courageous

I AM Thankful

I AM Delivered | from depression

Event TOPICS :

Pinterest | from the craft room to the community :: social media for the Proverbs 31 woman

Victory IN suffering | The Book of Job.  COMING 2015

4 session | Conference TOPICS :

EVANGELIZE the lost :: ENCOURAGE the timid :: EMPOWER the individual :: EDIFY The Kingdom

CONTACT  maryanndesigns121@gmail.com for Maryann’s schedule & fees



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