Architectural Model

my 1st architectural model 📐

Lecture 4 Aldo Rossi & Typology


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Aldo Rossi’s “Monument to the Resistance” in Cuneo, Italy .

the structure has no roof/open to the sky.

I love seeing the stairs glow ✨

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US Naval Sea Cadet Corps TOUR 2018

10 ISMs of Modern Art | what do you see? what does it mean? to you?

brutalISM .  made with architectural building materials from NEO . with Cleveland’s amazing architectural skyline outside the gallery windows. celebrating USNSCC Cleveland Division’s 50th Anniversary
cubISM . Fernand Leger . positivity about technological progress in wartime. 
Museum Selfie with Sea Cadets at The Cleveland Museum of Art

TOUR ism

USNSCC Cleveland Division December 2018 Drill Weekend