Architectural Model

my 1st architectural model 📐

Lecture 4 Aldo Rossi & Typology


#HarvardEdX #gsd1x exercise 4.3

Aldo Rossi’s “Monument to the Resistance” in Cuneo, Italy .

the structure has no roof/open to the sky.

I love seeing the stairs glow ✨

#architecture 🖤 #iUsedBristolBoardInsteadOfFoamcore #iCouldNotCutStraightLineswithARulerIfMyLifeDependedOnIt


2 thoughts on “Architectural Model

  1. hey, was wondering if u could give some more info about the would help me soooo much :). hahhah maybe i am a bit late but we never know. thx a lot

    1. Oh Arthur, I am so sorry to have missed your message. I had taken the class years ago and no longer have the notes/dimensions. The class was Architectural Imagination, by HarvardX. Best to you

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