ART in the afternoon

Art in the Afternoon . Alzheimer’s Patients & Caregivers.  The Cleveland Clinic 


I volunteer with The Cleveland Clinic’s Art in the Afternoon program, an art outreach to Alzheimer’s patients & their caregivers. I am always amazed at the way these precious people arrive – barely able to put a sentence together- but in front of the art collections, or a specific work, they can recount in infinite details a story locked away inside their brains… surprisingly, it is usually an abstract work that unlocks a concrete memory!

FREE art tours for individuals with memory loss and their care partners

Art in the Afternoon tours provide a forum for conversation inspired by the renowned art collections of Cleveland Clinic and The Cleveland Museum of Art. Art in the Afternoon tours are designed to lift the spirits, engage the mind, and provide an enjoyable social experience for those with memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease.


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