I am Mermaid | fisher of men

Mermaid Textile
Mermaid Textile

I don’t quite know what it is about mermaids that I identify with most. Perhaps my romantic notions parallel with Picasso’s minotaur metaphor. Some say it is a psychological need for sentient & spiritual beings to feel grounded, to connect in some way to this terrestrial ball. Mermaid tales span all of world history & cultures with mythological mysteries of ladies luring pirates from passing ships with sweet siren songs or other deaths from stirring storms to shipwreck those at sea. And what of those benevolent types with the cascading golden tresses~teaching humans cures for certain sicknesses & rewarding service with pearly stranded gifts, instead of stranding them? Then again, there are the more tragic traditions from my own Czech culture, the Rusalkas~restless spirits who drowned before their weddings & are bent on avenging untimely fates, tempting young men by name to treacherous ends. Further east are mermaids who cry tears that turn to pearls and a few who fell in love with humans. Farther back in time we learn the Persian word maneli means both mermaid & stay with me.

I do know this, though, I love the sea, I always have, it stays with me. I had even convinced my younger siblings that I was a mermaid on our annual island holiday. I would sit under the rippling waters looking up at bending, bouncing sunlight on the surface & hold my breath as long as I could stay. There’s just something about the sea that holds such sway.

‘He cast all my sins into the depths of the sea.’ Micah 7:19 | forgiven

Oh, and I just remembered how fixated on & fascinated I was by the pearl divers at Sea World. I would push past the crowds as if no one else was there, holding my breath until the divers returned to the surface with those magical iridescent lined shells, waiting to glimpse at the milky round treasures inside.

‘The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold all he had and bought it.’ Matthew 13:46 | found

And here I am today, delaying the daily minutia of drying dishes & driving middleschoolers by pinning pins on Pinterest. 50,000 pretty pictures tell the tale of Maryann121~from fabulous designs to DIYs, skirt styles to studio spaces, and of course, the mermaid life~all an attempt to brand this calling: to be SALT & LIGHT.

‘Follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will make you fishers of men.’ Matthew 4:19 | follower

I am continually amazed at Christ’s creativity & ability to use any & all we bring to His loving hands for God’s glory, our good, & the eternal good of countless others~5 loaves & a few fishes, or a fascination with mythical sea creatures, complete with a coffee habit that includes a smiling siren on its cup! As salt & light in a dying world, He redeems our earthiness and makes us captivating. He can make a mermaid one who lures men to eternal life, not death. Gifted with pearls of wisdom & singing songs of praise, forgiving instead of avenging & teaching others this way, how can we not lure men to the depths of an intimate relationship with the one who created the seas & calms the storm with one word, Peace.

I am Mermaid | fisher of men


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