Where Movement is Magic

designs inked for Augmented Reality APP for Augment Therapy brain break book. Illustrator & Art Director, Maryann Wohlwend
brainE in bed . snuggling with Kit. Illustrator & Art Director, Maryann Wohlwend
Augment Therapy MED TECH company launch for pediatric special needs Physical Therapy patients.  Founder & Author of brainE book series, Lindsay Watson PT, MPT & Illustrator & Art Director, Maryann Wohlwend. #BLONDSvsMedTechGoliaths  





my little Bluebell Byrd is spreading her wings… check out my daughter’s NEW BLOG/pen name she will publish as in these teen years!

Bluebell Byrd

This is a blog dedicated to intellectual discussions, studying literature, from the overall themes and symbolism, to the behavior of the character, how these classics are still relevant in today’s world, to book reviews, and I will even be using classic literature to craft advice for fellow novel writers.

One thing my Great Books teacher told me was that if I wasn’t a writer that I should get a degree in psychology. That comment is what brought this blog to life. I’ve always been fascinated with how the human mind works, and I’m currently reading through a list of 100+ classics. Since the Internet is a great platform for creators of all sorts, I decided to throw my hat into the ring.

Writing a blog is something I always wanted to do, but I wasn’t interested in working on what traditional writing blogs are like. I don’t have too many…

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DOT| Museum Tour Guide



Connect With Dot Launch Party 💖
a virtual Tour Guide @AkronArtMuseum
#MuseumInterpreter #OMGiLookLikeMyDadInAPinkWig
🍉 #watermelon #CottonCandy & #IPAs
DOT has inspired me to add more thought-provoking conversation to my MUSEUM TOURS!
a little light on content, but a lot of FUN ! 🎀
Tours run through Facebook Messenger
#MuseumSelfie #PINKalicious

Caribbean Aesthetic

DR journal
A Few of My Favourite Things | Caribbean Edition . Maryann Wohlwend, Summer 2018 . stripeySUNhat
DR collage
Ocean Blue & Sand Family Summer Vacation 2018 . photo collage . Maryann Wohlwend . iphone6
DR courtyard
Ocean Blue & Sand . Building 4 . interior courtyard LOVE .
DR architecture
cornflower blue LOVE . architecture . Dominican Republic
DR book
mojito + palm trees + book = LOVE . Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
DR coconut
fresh COCONUTS .
DR ocean
Bavaro Beach . Dominican Republic
DR hibachi
Hibachi at Sensai with my treasures . oh, and did i mention yet that i have a thing for palm trees? palm tree dress . palm tree shoes . surrounded by palm trees …
DR lantern
good night, Building 4 & your fabulous architecture .
DR night
good night, Moon …over Ocean Blue & Sand . Dominican Republic . Family Summer Vacation 2018